Recruitment Information

Did you know that…
— Greek students have a 20% higher graduation rate —
— And a higher overall GPA than non-Greek students. —

— 85% of Fortune 500 executives were part of Greek life. —
— The first female astronaut was Greek. —
— So was the first female senator. —


What is a sorority?

A sorority is a group of collegiate women bound to one another by their commitment to friendship, scholarship, leadership, and service.  Check out for more information.


How much time does it involve?

Typically 1-10 hours per week, depending on your level of involvement:

— Weekly chapter meeting
— Mandatory service project/hours each semester
— Membership ceremonies/retreats
— Most sororities offer weekly study hours
Optional social, intramural sports, service and leadership opportunities


How much does it cost?

Dues may range from $65-$1500/semester – First semester may be more expensive with one time fees (i.e. badge, initiation dues).

Sorority housing is almost always less expensive than university residence halls or off-campus housing.

Sorority house meal plans are competitively priced and less expensive than dining out.

Sororities offer thousands of dollars in annual scholarships.

Dues may range from $65-$1500/semester – First semester may be more expensive with one time fees (i.e. badge, initiation dues)


How do I join?

Potential New Members (PNMs) join sororities through a mutual-selection process called sorority recruitment.

Recruitment is an opportunity for you to visit and explore membership with all of the sororities on campus.

Two great resources for more information: and


What are references?

Recommendation Form (also known as Letter of Reference) completed by sorority alumnae.

References are required for most sororities at most universities.

Contact women in your family, teachers, neighbors, employers, and friends in your social circles to determine if they are sorority women who can assist you with your references.

Personal connections are important – plan to attend our Annual Summer Gathering to meet sorority alumnae who can provide references for you.

For reference requests, you can email us at Be sure to include a list of the sororities from whom you need a reference as well as a headshot and your social resume.


When is recruitment?

Annual event that is scheduled by the campus Greek Life Office.

— Fall – Typically the week before school starts or soon thereafter.
— Deferred – Winter or Spring.

You must register for recruitment for your university by its internal deadline! The university registration period typically opens as early as March.


About Recruitment Week

You are assigned a member of the sorority community who serves as your recruitment counselor (also known as a Rho Chi/Rho Gamma).

3-7 days of events and interactions with the sororities.

Events can include light refreshments and entertainment, skits, videos, and a service project.


Research Greek Life on Campus

— Deadline for registration and fees

— Recruitment events and times

— What to wear

— GPA and enrollment requirements (minimum hours to carry to participate in recruitment)

— Sorority chapters on campus – learn about their interests, philanthropies, and traditions

Check out our NPC Encyclopedia for more information on all 26 NPC member organizations.


How to Write a Social Resume

— Personal Information

— Parents’ Names and Greek affiliation, if any


— Class Rank/Size


— Achievements/Awards/Leadership

— Community Involvement

Click here to download a sample template.


Making Mature Choices

Attitude is everything…continue to put your best foot forward in your community, high school, university, and during recruitment events.

Clean up all online profiles … NOW!

Plan for recruitment now – your personal conduct and style of dress are important and observed, so be a lady at all times.


Would you like more information on sororities, how they can benefit you, or how you can join? Contact us: